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Welcome to the site. Here you can learn about the Pubs in the group and also buy kegs, bottled beer, spirits, and other related items. Each of the locations have been developed to give easy access to all sections of the sizeable London Irish Community.

Each of the Pubs offer Bright and colourful feel, providing a female friendly environment, and attracting women and the younger generation. Many of the locations have state of the art Air cleansing and ventilation, making them a more enjoyable experience for all.

As well as serving larger measures of spirits and all the well known brands, we serve a large range of foods including Mussels in Sauce and Soda Bread.

The locations also have large screens, making the watching your favourite sporting event a treat.

Music played ranges from Traditional Irish music to Modern Irish Rock bands playing live. It's like a club, only there is no charge to get in.

Each of the landlords are recruited directly from Ireland, as we believer the Irish personality remains the most important thing.